Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light


Helps reduce night time mishaps and clean ups, assisting in keeping the bathroom Hygiene.

May assist in night time children toilet training by setting  the light to their desired colour choice, encouraging them to use the toilet.

The bowl is light brightly enough for easy vision.

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Product Description

1: Motion Sensor Toilet LED Night light.
2: This light only activates in darkness
3: Auto sensing system range to 2m,Auto off when you leave after approx 2min
4: 8 coloured light emissions, each colour cycle changes approx. every 15 sec.
5: Can be set to remain on any one colour you desire.
6: Fits any toilet in seconds, flexible arm bends to suit toilet bowl.
7: Water proof, easy clean.


  • 1 year warranty
  • 20Lm light
  • Soft PVC neck can be bent for more convenience
  • CE ,RoHS Certified
  • Lifetime approx. 18,000hours
  • Suitable for all bathrooms: home, hotel, restaurant
  • Can be set for any particular light colour preferred



1: Material: ABS
2: Light Source: LED
3: Voltage: 4.5V
4: Power: 1W
5: Light Color: 8-color
6: Color: white
7: Power Supply: 3*AAA Batteries (Not Included)
8: Sense Distance: 2 m
9: Dimensions: 7*6.5*2cm
10: Package size: 7×6.5x2cm

Package includes:
1 x Light + operating instructions